The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 2

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 4

Is there good reason to believe that the Bible is the Word of God? I am convinced that true faith has to have a foundation, and the stronger that foundation, the greater your faith will be. The Christian’s faith is not blind faith. Blind faith is worthless, based only on certain conclusions but not on any evidence. Christianity is the only word religion where spiritual truth depends on the veracity of historical events.

But how trustworthy is the Bible? How trustworthy are those who wrote the Bible? Has what we have today been transmitted to us faithfully over the centuries? Documentation is crucial when it comes to history and truth proposition, which is what the Bible is. And this is why the Biblical documents have been handed down to us with such great care with the passage of time. And yet, there are many people, maybe you, who wonder about the relevance of it.

So today, I want to talk about ancient documents, and the Bible in comparison with all other ancient literature that’s been passed down to us.


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