Jesus: Divine or Mythological?

Jesus: Divine or Mythological?

Was Jesus more than a man in history? Was he just a great moral teacher? Great moral teachers don’t make the kind of claims that Jesus made. Was he the Son of God? He claimed to be, so if he isn’t actually the Son of God, then he was lying.

Whether we believe Christ was the Son of God or whether we don’t, or whether we’re not sure, I personally believe that every one of us should ask the question, “What is the evidence that would lead me to believe that Christ is the Son of the living God?” Consider that question – is it reasonable? Is it rational for an educated man or woman living in the 21st century to believe a claim such as this? In this talk I will point to four different parts of evidence for you to consider.

This is a follow up to last week’s podcast episode “The Bible: Truth or Fiction?”


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