Father and Son

Father and Son

In celebration of Father’s Day today, Richard‘s guest is Jeremiah Castille, University of Alabama football legend and All American, who went on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos. Jeremiah has a heart for mentoring young people, and currently serves as the chaplain for the University of Alabama football team. Jeremiah gave this message to a large gathering of fathers and sons.

Jeremiah says that when he looks back on his life, he can see how God prepared him for the ministry work he does today. He knows that God used his mother and his Coach Bear Bryant to influence his life to help his fellow man.

The Jeremiah Castille Ministry provides ministerial programs for marriage, family and individual Biblical counseling in addition to individual and group discipleship, motivational speaking forums and evangelist engagements. Find out more by visiting www.castillefoundation.org.


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