Indeed, It Is Your Life!

In Deuteronomy 32:47 Moses made a really bold statement to his fellow Jews.  He didn’t encourage his listeners to just read the word or meditate on it from time to time.  Instead he stated regarding the word “indeed, it is your life!”

As a young believer this notion of the Bible being one’s whole life was new territory for me.  I was somewhat familiar with Paul’s words about Christ being our whole life, the sole reason for our existence when he stated “for to me to live is Christ.”  That made sense.  But how the word could be our whole life like Moses was saying was new to me.  There seemed to be a disconnect.  Now I realize how it has all been weaved together for us by the authors of Scripture.  Moses said the word is our life.  Paul said Christ is our life.  So how do these seemingly separate statements join together?  Perfectly in the person of Jesus.

You see Jesus and His word are one and the same.  They cannot be separated.  John immediately ran to this truth as soon as he opened his gospel by stating “in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God.”  Jesus gave us further clarity when He said “if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?”

We could say there is a lot of finger pointing going on between Jesus and His word.  You remember learning the lesson about pointing a finger at others when you were little.  When one finger is pointing outward there are others pointing inward.  Well that’s exactly what happened in Scripture between Jesus and His word.  Jesus would constantly point His listeners to the Scriptures which in turn pointed back to Him.   Consider the following verse in Luke 24:27 which says “and beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.”  Clearly then to love Christ is to love His word as they are inseparable.

Now the question I want to pose to you is this: if your life is Christ, and Christ is the word, are you spending time with Christ by being in His word?  Or are you neglecting the very thing that Moses said was in fact your life?  Plain and simple to neglect spending time in the word is to neglect spending time with Jesus.

Consider the following analogy.  If you were in a raft in the middle of the ocean you would be completely surrounded by water.  But without any living water to drink of you would die of thirst.  Where you are living right now you have the word all around you—on your beside table, in your car, even on your phone—it truly surrounds you on every side.  But you will die of thirst spiritually if you are not drinking in the living water of Jesus through His word.  To live life you must have water.  To live as a Christian you must have the word.  As Moses said, “indeed, it is your life!”


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